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workers compensation insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance is a form of insurance that provides medical benefits and wage replacements to employees that get hurt while performing their duties. These benefits are given by the employers in exchange for mandatory relinquishment of the employees’ right to sue the employers for negligence. In most states, 49 states to be exact, workers compensation insurance is a mandatory insurance and will only cover illnesses or injuries that occur while the worker is within the work premises. Among the injuries covered by workers compensation insurance include sustaining injuries as a result of explosions or fires, slipping on an oily or wet surface, and injury by lifting heavy equipment. In a more practical sense, workers compensation insurance is a form or payment to the employees for the employers’ negligence to provide a safer working environment.


Why is a workers compensation insurance important?

Workers play a direct and substantial role in the success and thriving of any business and their importance cannot be downplayed. Apart from the human intrinsic sense of security and priority that naturally employers should give to workers, they are also required by law to safeguard the workers’ interest by providing a safe working environment. These are the most important reasons why you, as an employer, should purchase a workers insurance policy for all your employees.


Important facts about Workers Compensation Insurance

As an employer, it’s important for you to take special precautions to ensure that the work conditions are hygienic, healthy and friendly. Be careful about everything concerning your employees, from sitting arrangements in the office to the refreshments that your employees are given. Also ensure that you take care of your senior workers as much as possible because when this vulnerable group is injured, they are by law liable to file for a lawsuit that may cost millions of dollars.

Why Purchase Your Workers Insurance Policy From Us?

Before we advise you to purchase a workers insurance policy, we will always recommend that you first determine if you’re classified as an employer in the first place. Workers compensation is a universal concern for all entrepreneurs whether you’re running a business with 30 employees or one with 100 plus employees, like big corporations.

A Workers Insurance Policy from us will protect both you and your employees during unpredictable accidents. For the employees, there is the assurance that you as an employer will be able to cater their medical bills and compensate them for the income they lost or will lose following the accidents.

A workers insurance policy from us will also protect you as an employer. It will protect you from the employee suing you for not ensuring a safe working environment, which is a state requirement. If an employer proceeds to filing a case in court, you should get expert legal advice.

Our team of expert insurance brokers will educate you on the types of coverage that you should purchase for the workers’ insurance policy. Premium rates will be different for every business.

When you purchase the workers compensation insurance from us for your workers, they will also be eligible for funeral compensation in the event that they die when in work, say as a result of accidental fires or explosions. Also illnesses like cancer that may be caused in the course of employment, say in cases where the working environment exposes workers to radioactive materials, are also covered.

We also give advice to employers on ways of reducing their workers compensation insurance. This includes establishing a return-to-work program and developing a safety program among others.

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