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Home Insurance

Home Insurance

Buying a house is probably the single biggest investment most people make in their whole life. That is exactly why you need home insurance because you need to protect your biggest investment. Damages to homes can cost a lot of money to repair and hence the insurance policy is there to protect your very valuable asset. The home insurance is not quite that straightforward and requires different types of policies but whichever it is we can provide these insurance policies to suit your requirements and budget. It is important to have insurance for your home at replacement costs and not the buying price. Ready to insure your second biggest investment then get car insurance too.

Flood Insurance Quotes

Flood Insurance

Even if you are living outside high-risk areas I am certain that you probably did not think that more than 20% of the flood claims that happen are from people that live outside high-risk flooding areas. With more pressure on existing infrastructure and climate change, there could be a good chance that this figure will increase. Flooding is not only caused by rivers but heavy flash storms where the drainage is not sufficient to handle the amount of extra water also increase the risk. Quick melting snow has the same effect. A point to note is that flood damage is not included in a person's homeowners insurance policy. Remember Flood Insurance is not included with your homeowners policy.

Landlord Insurance Quotes

Landlord Insurance

Being a landlord of an investment property has lots of extra costs and especially by some tenants that could cause unnecessary damage and for which you have not budgeted for. It could be that there are other circumstances that cannot be foreseen such as fires, weather damage or another covered loss. There are various types of coverage that a person can consider and when one considers a landlord insurance make sure that it covers aspects like tenant vandalism and any other common occurrences. Landlord insurance can protect your income from most damages whether by natural elements or other covered repairs.


What our Clients say?

Frank was able to save me money on my rental property insurance and took care of everything that my lender needed to be able to close on the property in a timely manner. I will have Frank review my other polices when they expire.


Frank helped me to save a lot of money on my home and auto insurance. I would recommend for all my friends and clients. Thank you so much Frank.


Vacant and Seasonal Home Insurance

The home insurance that you have might not cover a vacant home. Vacant homes are generally more prone to damage from vandalism, fire, and potentially serious issues. There could even be instances where intruders are hurt climbing into the property through broken fencing and deciding to sue. Most homeowners insurance will not cover these and that is why you could need vacant home Insurance.

The vacant home policies cover numerous things that can happen to your home when you are not there. These are things like damages, complete loss of the home, perils and vandalism. It is wise if you have a vacant home to consider insuring it against any damage because an empty house often suffers damage. Ensure that when you consider this type of insurance it covers all the damages that can occur with empty houses.

Home Insurance Tips

Home insurance often covers the contents of the house but it is no good waiting until there has been damage or worse still a fire before you do the home inventory list. Start now and here are a few tips on how to go about making an inventory list.

A home inventory is a detailed list that should include receipts, descriptions of all your possessions.

● Start by doing the newer items and then add the older items later

● List them in a logical way so that it is easy to find the entry. You can use rooms and hobbies as an example

● Be specific with appliances and it will help to keep a record of the serial numbers

● If ever you purchase a large item keep the receipts because you could be asked for proof of ownership.

● Take photos of all the rooms and possessions and keep the records on your computer

● Save your lists and photos either on an extra hard drive or cloud-based storage where you can access them easily

So don't wait if you are in Wisconsin & Texas do your personal possessions lists now.

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