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RV insurance

RV Insurance

Recreational Vehicles have a charm of their own. These vehicles are not just a mode of convenience but a lifestyle in themselves. As these vehicles serve multiple purposes as compare to automobile vehicles that are used just for transport, the RVs require insurance plans that are designed to provide coverage based on their uses. Need to bring a motorcycle on your trip ask about our motorcycle insurance.

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RV Insurance Quotes

Different types of RV Insurance coverages that are available with us:

Replacement Cost Coverage

Replacement cost coverage protects your prized RV by providing a new replacement for it in case it is stolen or gets totally damaged covering its full cost. The coverage may be provided for a few years from the date of purchase of the RV.

Personal Belonging Coverage

A personal belonging coverage can insure and cover all the gadgets, equipment and valuables that might be present in the RV. In case of loss of these, an amount that is equal to their full values maybe reimbursed.

Full-timer Coverage

If your RV is your actual home and you are living in it, full-timer coverage can give you the added benefits that include protection from fire, theft, natural disasters, and other disasters that might be covered in a home insurance plan.

Emergency Coverage

In case your RV breaks down on the trip and you need road side assistance, the emergency coverage can help to assist in the costs for these inconveniences. If you need to travel somewhere or even have to hire a room, these may be compensated.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage includes both bodily injury and property damage. The coverage pays for damage to an individual while the recreational vehicle is being driven on the road or when it may be parked. The property damage reimburses the cost that the owner of the RV is liable to pay due to destruction of a public or private property by them.

There are various other optional coverages available that maybe opted for by a RV owner. You may also add a list of drivers that will be covered by the RV insurance policy.

For choosing the right insurance coverage for an RV, a few factors must be considered that include the requirements laid down by the transport body, the make and model of the RV and its features and specifications and the amount of premium that you can pay comfortably.

Let us provide a better RV insurance quote for you in Wisconsin or Texas.

from $25 a month

Why insure an RV?

A recreational vehicle is a home away from home. You need insurance to drive these vehicles on the road to cover accidents. While off-road, when you are parking, there is a possibility of mishaps that may happen in the vicinity of the RV and coverage is also needed for it. You might keep important valuables and expensive gadgets in these motor homes. To protect these gadgets and valuables, you might require special coverage based on their values.

Why insure your RV with us?

We offer the best prices for RV insurance. There are different discounts that are provided by us to lower the cost of insuring the RV while increasing the coverage. RV owners who have a great driving history or have safety and anti-theft security systems installed, can qualify for lower insurance premiums. If you have different vehicles that are all insured through us, we may even give you a multi-vehicle discount. The policies available with us cover different classes of motorhomes, campers and trailers. No matter what sort of RV you have, there is an insurance plan specific to it available with us.

We help you to find the perfect package of coverages you need at the best prices. There is a range of plans from different insurance providers that you may analyze and choose from. We value our patrons and focus on providing great customer services and after sale support. In case you need to file a claim, we ensure a fair assessment and provide the best possible reimbursement amount for the same.