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Your house is important. It's your family headquarters.

Homeowners Insurance

Insurance agency

Auto Insurance

Protect yourself with collision, comprehensive and liability coverage.

Auto Insurance

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Frank Medina Insurance, auto insurance agency is here to help quote and provide affordable rates for all insurance needs. Click the button labeled “get a quote” to start a quote now.

We love what we do and will show you how easy it is to have proper insurance on a home, business or auto. Lots of people overlook the fact that flooding is excluded from a home insurance policy that is why we offer flood insurance.

Umbrella insurance provides an additional layer of protection outside of the regular limits covering important assets and belongings.

Life events change constantly but families build a foundation that will last forever. The best way for you to create a legacy is to have the funds available to do so that is why life insurance policies are so important to have in place before major life events occur.

FMI agency was started in 2013 and we operate out of two states Wisconsin and Texas. We consider, Milwaukee and Houston as part of our home and our mission is to ensure that each and every person is properly insured.

Our aim is to have competitive prices as well as excellent customer service and let our business grow along with our customer relationships. Consider us as your next insurance agent.

Home Insurance Agency

Part of what makes our home insurance agency great is that we offer more than just home coverage. For example, other structures like outbuildings, sheds or fences are often included. We are here to make sure things run smoothly.

Life insurance quotes

Life Insurance

When you are considering life insurance you need coverage that will fit your specific requirements. Decide which type of coverage you would like, what you can afford and how long you would like the coverage for. Life insurance is not only planning for the future but taking care of the financial needs of the family in the event of an unexpected or untimely death. Start planning for your retirement now and see how best we can help you do that.

Homeowners insurance quotes

Home Insurance

Our homeowners insurance policy has standard common types of insurance coverage put together in one package to make it simpler and easier for you to understand. The homeowner's policy will cover the following: dwelling, personal property and liability, medical payments and out of home living expenses. This package was made to give you the peace of mind that your assets and belongings including you and the family are financially secured in the event of a disaster.

Flood insurance quotes

Flood Insurance

Every home where there is rain, wind or snow has the possibility of being flooded. Our Flood insurance will cover your home and belongings against water damage caused by flooding from rain, hurricanes and snow melt. Floods can happen at any time and cause a lot of damage. Start the process today and get a quote from our experienced flood insurance staff which could be as low as $300 per year.

Car insurance quotes

Car Insurance

Auto insurance cover lots of different areas which include mandatory and optional coverage. You should have an auto insurance policy that will cover the following: liability insurance for bodily injury, liability insurance for property damage and uninsured motorist coverage. Having an optional insurance policy will cover you for under-insured motorist, medical expenses, collision and comprehensive coverage. It is hardly worth the risk not to have the right auto insurance coverage.

Business insurance quotes

Business Insurance

Business insurance coverage allows you to be in control by including or excluding different products such as Professional Liability, Errors and Omissions, Business Owner Policy, General Liability, Liability Insurance or Commercial auto. When you ask for a quote ask which of these products will be included in your business policy and our friendly professional staff will gladly help.

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Independent insurance agency

Auto Insurance Agency


The birth of our independent insurance agency. We specialize in insurance and are based in Wisconsin and Texas. Ask our professional insurance agent for expert advice and how easy it is to buy insurance.

Our vision

Best insurances for everyone.

Having insurance with the correct limits can reduce the amount you have to pay when a claim occurs.

Frank Medina
1294 satisfied customers
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for everyone

Ask the right questions from our expert insurance agent and it could save you a lot of money if you buy an insurance policy that has the correct limits.

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Insurance Agency
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