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business insurance

Business insurance

Businesses are not built overnight and require years of consistent effort, discipline and perseverance from the owners. We know that you try your best to run your business efficiently and smoothly but their maybe unavoidable circumstances that might be out of your control and may hamper the functioning of your business. To minimize the adverse effect of these unforeseen circumstances and to give yourself some breathing space, you may opt for business insurance. Business insurance provides financial security and stability that allows a business to run on its normal course of operation. There are different business insurance policies available with us from different insurance companies for example workers compensation insurance . Our experience with clients looking for business insurance policies can help you find the insurance plan that is a perfect fit for your business needs.

Business Owners Policy

For small to medium size businesses, we offer the business owners policy that is a versatile combination of the basic coverages that are of utmost importance to different business owners. The policy generally combines general liability insurance and commercial property insurance into one package. The policy can cover any harm or injury to an individual employed at the workplace and could compensate for their medical bills. Any damage to the property from covered sources such as fire, theft and natural disasters are also reimbursed under this policy. For business owners who are looking for the best coverage at economical prices, the business owners policy is an ideal fit.

from $50 a month

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is a form of business insurance. A business normally conducts meetings at their premises. There may also be clients or individuals visiting the premises of the business. There may be unwanted and unforeseen mishaps at the workplace that might involve either the employees or any other person that might result in bodily harm or injury to them that might require medical attention. A business owner may be held liable by the law for the mishap mandating him or her to compensate the individual for the same. A general liability policy provides insurance for similar scenarios that may cause physical or financial damage to an individual on your premises.

from $40 a month

Commercial Auto Insurance

The vehicles that are made use of by a businessman for commercial purposes will require specific insurance policies that are different from generic automotive insurance. These commercial auto insurance policies provide liability, comprehensive, collision, medical payments and damage coverage for the vehicles in situations that the regular automotive insurance does not cover. In addition to this, the commercial auto insurance policies may reimburse fees for legal counselling regarding the mishap if a third party sues the company. Any claims and court fines may also be paid by the insurance company whose auto policy the vehicle is covered under.

from $99 a month

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is definitely needed for any large or small industrial spaces. Any premises that you have rented or bought for your business may be covered by commercial property insurance and it will safeguard and compensate for minor or major losses due to accidents. The incidents covered maybe caused by fire, natural disasters such as flood or storm, damage due to failure of equipment, plumbing or other similar mishap. The building, the furniture and goods inside the building and any equipment or machinery installed inside or outside the building could be covered by commercial property insurance and the losses due to their damage will be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance a must have for any business with employees. There will be individuals employed at a business and assigned various roles based on the job position they are assigned. There may be mishaps and accidents at a workplace that may cause the employees injuries or illness while they are working. The workers compensation insurance can cover any costs that may arise out of or due to these accidents at the business premises. These may include medical bills, compensation for disability or loss of life or wage replacement. By opting for workers compensation insurance, you have a chance of preventing legal hassles that you may face from the employees as they may be compensated by the insurance company without taking the matter to court.


What our clients say?

Frank is easy to get a hold of, quick and responsive to my business's concerns. He was able to consolidate our insurances under one company and saved us a lot of money too.


So happy I contacted Frank. He saved me $1000/year on insurance for my fitness center! Thank you!!


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