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Insurance agent

Frank Medina, Insurance Agent

Frank is one of the best independent insurance agents serving Wisconsin and Texas. He has over eight years of experience in the industry, he specializes in all types of insurance. A lot of his knowledge comes from his claims background handling personal and commercial line claims. His agency has helped thousands of customers throughout the years. Give Frank a try, we promise better service, competitive rates and customized insurance to meet your needs.


What our Clients say?

Frank Medina Insurance has served numerous clients on their personal and business ventures. I have had the pleasure to work here and also be a customer as well. I have personally experienced the great length and work that Frank puts into his company by placing his customers needs first. Should you be interested in learning how to save money on your insurance bill, please contact Frank!


While traveling abroad, and after several testy exchanges with our insurer, my wife and I decided it was time for a change. We searched and came across this agency. We were concerned it would be a difficult endeavor since we were traveling, however, that was not the case. Frank was excellent and very thorough, we ended up paying more for our new policy, but we felt it was updated and tailored specifically for our needs. Frank displayed excellent customer service, and stayed on top of our contacts, we were limited to email only, but she made this an easy transaction. Kudos to Frank!!!!


Company information

Insurance Agency
Frank Medina Insurance

342 N Water St Ste 600
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 877-0777

3663 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Ste 600
Houston, TX 77032
(713) 955-2559

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Available 9:00am - 5:00pm

Independent Insurance Agent

We are prominent providers of insurance plans for individuals looking for insurance policies. We have had the pleasure of serving our esteemed patrons for numerous years.

The agents dealing in insurance policies may either be captive or might work independently. While a captive agent will only deal in and promote the policies of a single carrier, an independent insurance agent will have policies from different insurance agencies available with them.

We are independent insurance agents who have connections with multiple companies. This allows us to serve our customers more efficiently as we have a higher number of policies available with us giving our patrons a plethora of options to choose from.

Being independent allows us to put the interest of the people approaching us for insurance at the forefront and enabling us to service them well.

Why buy a policy from us?

We can help you find the perfect insurance policy. Every customer that we have is special to us and we know they have specific requirements for the insurance policy they are looking for. The expertise we have developed by dealing with different insurance policies to clients over the years gives us an insight into the requirements of the customer and suggest the insurance policies that fit their needs the best. With a surplus of insurance policies available under a single roof, you will no longer need to go from one captive insurance agent to another in search of the best insurance policies.

Does everyone need insurance?

Insurance is a need of everyone that values their prized possessions. Whether a person owns a specialized automotive, a basic car, a motorcycle or a recreations vehicle, these have been bought with their hard-earned money. The huge amount invested in them may be in jeopardy if these possessions encounter hard situations. Any mishap that might result in damage to individuals, either the owner, an occupant or a third person, or destruction of a property, will make the owner liable for them resulting in huge costs for them. These possessions may also be damaged or even stolen. Getting insurance coverage can help safeguard these investments.

For a business man, their company or organization has been built up from scratch because of hard work, dedication and perseverance on their part. This legacy of theirs can encounter several hiccups in the form of workplace accidents, natural disasters, compensation issues and litigation procedures. By opting for insurance policies that cover various aspects of their business, they can protect their legacy and ensure its continuity.

The insurance we specialize in

Whether you are looking for business insurance, automotive insurance, RV insurance, motorbike insurance, we have plenty of insurance policies in all specialties.

Business Insurance

Businesses are one of the best assets and they need to be insured to provide them security and stability. Our business insurance plans cover different areas related to the businesses providing peace of mind to the owners and allowing them to focus on tasks that matter.

Automotive Insurance

Your favorite cars need to be insured for accidents and mishaps as well as be protected from damage and theft. Our insurance policies for cars provide different coverage that include liability, uninsured and underinsured motorist, medical payments and personal injury protection (varies by state) to ensure that you and your cars are always safe.

Motorcycle Insurance

For all the motorcycle romantics out there, we have specialized plans for their bikes. These insurance plans cover damages to the owner, the bike and even third parties that maybe insured or uninsured. By opting for one of our motorcycle insurance plans, you can go worry free on your thrilling ride.

RV Insurance

If you own a recreational vehicle, we have different insurance plans that offer a comprehensive range of coverages to insure them. From emergency expenses to complete replacement of trailers, our insurance plans provide the best coverage for these vehicles.